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We have always been inspired by Autodesk's philosophy of Imagine, Design and create a better world. That’s why we strive at focussing on inspiring young students and working professionals to design a better world through our Autodesk software training programs.


Come learn the future of design at our Autodesk Authorized training & certification center with Autodesk Certified Instructor-led classroom trainings. We offer small batches of hands-on learning classes limited from 5 to 10.


In today’s demanding work culture, we all don’t have the time and convenience to take a classroom based training. With this in mind, we have designed our online/remote trainings to help you acquire all the knowledge you could from a classroom based training from any part of the world. 

To learn more about USAM’s online training, please click here.


With changing industry dynamics, adopting new technology is inevitable. At the same time as we invest and adopt the new technology / software, drop in employee efficiency and ROI becomes a key concern for any organization. With easier and shorter learning curve through structured trainings, these challenges could be addressed. 

Our On-site corporate training program was designed to precisely address your concern; our Autodesk certified instructors will be able to come over to your office at your convenient time and conduct training for the Autodesk Software of your choice.


Working professionals or sponsored employees who wanted to learn Autodesk Software in a professional classroom environment with guided hands on lab hours can avail our In-House corporate training programs.


Wanted to learn a specific Autodesk software tool or topic or a specific advance workflow? You can with USAM’s on-demand or customized training option that provides you with the flexibility to choose what you wanted to learn or get trained on, as an individual or as an organization.

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